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Proven Comfort

Stunning Color

Outstanding Visual Acuity

Beautiful, Natural Look

Add some color to your day with the only disposable color option for patients with astigmatism

Don’t let astigmatism keep you from having fun with color.  TORIColors is available in the most popular colors – blue, green, grey and amber.  The lens is powered by Extreme H2O. This means you have superior all day comfort and color in your contact lens.

Beautiful and Natural Looking Color

Naturally define or dramatically stand out. TORIColors are opaque colored lenses making them the perfect choice for those who want to change the color of their eye, or simply enhance it. Dark brown eyes can instantly become a bright and natural looking blue, green, amber or grey.

Whether it's subtle or intense, each color lens is produced with advanced color printing technology and the highest quality materials for a beautiful and natural look.

Free Trial Lenses

Experience the all day comfort and clarity of Extreme H2O. Download your coupon for free trial lenses here.

“Throughout the day, I always had to use rewetting drops, or take my lenses out to give my eyes a break.  Now I keep them in until I go to sleep.  They are by far, the most comfortable lenses I’ve worn”  Jessica R.  New York, NY