Don't settle for fitting 73% of your patients.

Fit 100%.

Like other things we wear, the best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit.

Disposable contact lenses generally come in one standard diameter. Yet an independent study by Pacific University determined that 27% of contact lens fittings fall outside these standard parameters. This is more than one out of every four patients you see – a quarter of the population. While a one size fits all contact lens is convenient, it overlooks this large segment of your patient base.
Our unique sizing options (13.6 & 14.8)  ensure the right fit for all corneas resulting in superior comfort. Combine the right fit with our ultra-hydrating materials, and your patients get the end of day comfort and clarity they are seeking. 

It's easy to get your practice started with 3 diameters:

"I love having the variety and flexibility in options to best serve our patients, and I can't tell you how the smaller/larger diameter dailies have really come through in times of need."
Jessica Yu, OD
Westport, CT
Studies indicate that standard parameters won't work for everyone. To ensure the right fit on your patients, you need small and large diameter options.

The Pacific University study indicated that larger and smaller corneas would benefit from a larger or smaller lens diameter that is more HVID appropriate. 

To further substantiate the P.U. findings, we conducted our own internal clinical evaluation of HVID and comfort.  Utilizing our account base, more than 450 patients were measured and asked to rate the comfort level of their contact lens.  Like Pacific University, our findings showed that 25% of patients fall outside standard parameters.  In addition, we found that these 25% of patients had comfort issues.  37% of patients with HVID < 11.3 and 53% of patients with HVID > 12.3 reported a level of discomfort with their contact lenses.

When to fit a small diameter lens

  • Small corneas or lid apertures
  • Pediatrics
  • New wearers
  • Patients who need easy insertion and removal 
  • Patients looking for end of day comfort

When to fit a large diameter lens

  • Active lifestyles
  • Larger corneas
  • Patients with dryness issues
  • Patients looking for end of day comfort