Easy insertion and removal

Great for smaller corneas

Smaller size for small hands

Easy insertion and removal

Every practice has patients that can’t master insertion and removal of their lenses – especially new contact lens wearers.  The smaller 13.6 diameter size can be easier to handle for these patients – especially for kids who have smaller hands. 

13.6: Building Confidence to Strengthen Compliance. 

When your patients learn how to efficiently insert and remove their lenses in the early stages of wear, their chances of long-term compliance will surely increase.  Plus, this reduces I & R training time on your end! 

Kids love water. So does our material.

Extreme H2O contact lenses are made with ultra-hydrating materials that retain up to 99% of their water content on the eye – even under extreme conditions. All lens dimensions and oxygen permeability present in the first hour of wear will be present in the last.  Lens comfort, movement and fit will be stable throughout the day.

Outstanding comfort and clarity is essential to everyone, but especially to children who must see clearly to learn.  Their growing minds should be engaged on academics and having fun, not on discomfort from a contact lens. 

Yes - I want Extreme H2O 13.6 in my pediatric practice.
"This is a great lens for children"
Craig Hamilton
OD, Las Vegas, NV
"This lens should be used as an everyday lens. Prevent problems instead of solving them. It has exceptional wetablility and I like the 13.6 size - the less mass on the eye the better."
Robert Prazer,
OD, Wexford, P
"It's a great lens for children and first time wearers who have smaller corneas or apertures. The lens is small in diameter, yet centers extremely well."
Steven Cohn
OD, Drexel Hill, PA