Say good bye to dryness and discomfort 

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Do you experience dry eye? Certain environments can heighten this experience for contact lens wearers.  For example, spending several hours in air conditioned spaces can create a dry environment. Extreme H2O is a contact lens that can stand up to the different temperatures and climates you experience on a day to day basis – let us explain how. 


Most contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to 10% of their water content.  In order for them to remain comfortable, they need to get that water content back – which they get from your tears. But if you have poor tear quality from being in a dry environment, you don’t produce enough tears to hydrate and lubricate your eye. This results in dryness.

Our lenses have unique hydration properties that enable them to retain up to 99% of their water content.  This means that even if you experience dry eye, you will still have a comfortable wearing experience with Extreme H2O contact lenses. 

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