Free trial of Extreme H2O disposable contact lense 

Immerse your eyes in water-loving lenses for all day comfort and clarity.  We’re convinced these are the lenses you’ll want to start each day with.

Living in Florida can mean sun, fun, boating and numerous outdoor activities that can dry out your eyes.  It can also mean many hours spent in air-conditioning which fosters a dry environment.  This is why you need a contact lens that can stand up to the different temperatures and climates you experience on a day to day basis.  Extreme H2O does just this – it’s made for the Florida lifestyle. 


Most contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to 10% of their water content.  In order for them to remain comfortable, they need to get that water content back – which they get from your tears. But if you have poor tear quality from being in a dry environment, you don’t produce enough tears to hydrate and lubricate your eye. 

Our lenses have unique hydration properties that enable them to retain up to 99% of their water content.  This means that even if you experience dry eye, you will still have a comfortable wearing experience with Extreme H2O contact lenses. 

Experience the comfort and clarity Extreme H2O – sign up for a pair of free trial lenses today. 


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