A proven material that's the gold standard for contact lens comfort

Our high performance GMA/hydrogel copolymer has advanced hydration properties, enabling it to retain up to 99% of its moisture Рeven under extreme conditions.  Lens comfort, movement and fit will be stable throughout the day.
  • Unique sizing options ensure the right fit for all corneas resulting in superior¬†comfort
  • Non-ionic material resists deposits keeping lenses clear and free of unhealthy protein deposits
  • Naturally hydrophilic – no coating is required for superior comfort
  • Proper DK value ensures good corneal heath
  • Ultra-stable copolymer provides exceptional on-eye stability throughout the entire wearing period



“Flying, especially more than two hours in duration, may lead to inflammation and dryness.”

“McCarthy and McCarthy provided a study evaluating dry eye symptoms to 4,000 commercial pilots. Data shows that flying significantly increases the risk of dry eye.”

“We should ask our patients how frequently they fly as part of our dry eye screening process.”

Give your patients the comfort they want - even in the most extreme conditions - like an airplane.

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