How long can you wear your contact lenses comfortably?

If you cannot wear your lenses comfortably for AT LEAST 12 hours, then you are probably not in a lens that is best for you. The problem is, most people are not aware of this and just think that slight discomfort and dryness is the norm with wearing contacts. This is not the case. In the right lens, not only should you be able to wear your lenses for at least 12 hours, but you should have the exact same comfort and visual acuity you had from the moment you first put them on. With Extreme H2O lenses, patients say they can’t feel the lens at all – and at times have to remind themselves at night to take them out. 

Waterdrop and heart

Water loving lenses

What makes our lenses so comfortable? Water. And we take it to the extreme - hence the name, Extreme H2O. Ordinary disposable contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to 10% of their water. This can cause your eyes to feel dry, itchy and tired. Our lenses are made with water loving materials that retain up to 99% of their moisture. This means your contact lens will not dry out on your eye.  The comfort, movement and fit that you experience when you first put on Extreme H2O will be present throughout the entire day.

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“Throughout the day, I always had to use rewetting drops, or take my lenses out to give my eyes a break.  Now I keep them in until I go to sleep.  They are by far, the most comfortable lenses I’ve worn”  Jessica R.  New York, NY