Children and contact lenses

Perfect vision is essential to everyone, but especially to children who must see clearly to learn.  And given the option, most children would rather wear contact lenses than glasses.  But at what age is it appropriate?  According to the American Academy of Optometry 96% of doctors point out that a child’s interest and motivation to wear contact lenses is the most important factor they consider. Also very important is the child’s maturity level and personal hygiene habits. Other factors they consider are their participation in sports and the positive impact contact lenses will have on their self esteem. 

Once a doctor determines a child is ready for contact lenses, there are certain properties that influence what lenses to fit such as comfort, visual acuity and the ease of handling.   Let us explain how Extreme H2O successfully address these influencers.  

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Kids love water - and so do our eyes

In contact lenses, water equals the first part of comfort. And our lenses are water loving. They are not only made with materials that have high water, but they also have ultra-hydrating properties that enable them to retain their water. This means the contact lenses will not dry out on your eye. The comfort, movement and fit you experience when you first put them on are present throughout the whole day.

The second part of comfort is getting the right fit. Most contact lenses come in one standard diameter size. We are the only manufacturer to provide doctors with different size lenses in one product. This enables doctors to fit you in a lens that is the right size for your cornea. Like other things you wear, the best comfort is a combination of the right material and fit.

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Visual Acuity and Ease of Handling

Visual Acuity:
Ordinary disposable lenses lose up to 10% of their water. Loss of water causes lenses to tighten up (shrink) on the eye which can cause red eyes, reduced visual clarity, and potential complications. The water-loving material of Extreme H2O provides outstanding optical properties and crisp clear vision throughout the day.

Ease of Handling:
Many disposable contact lenses don't hold their shape, making it difficult to insert them properly. The Extreme H2O material has more resilience and holds its form, making it easier to correctly place on the eye. This combined with our smaller diameter makes it much easier to insert and remove. This helps alleviate morning struggles when putting lenses on.

Free Trial Lenses

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“Throughout the day, I always had to use rewetting drops, or take my lenses out to give my eyes a break.  Now I keep them in until I go to sleep.  They are by far, the most comfortable lenses I’ve worn”  Jessica R.  New York, NY