Extreme H2O Weekly

Gold Standard for Comfort

Easy to Remember Weekly Replacement

Exceptional Visual Clarity

Sizing Options for Improved Comfort

If you don’t want to incur the high cost of daily disposables, Extreme H2O Weekly is your answer.  Made with our ultra-hydrating material, it’s the next best thing to daily replacement. Weekly gives you the health benefits of frequent replacement, but at an affordable cost. 

Most of us live our lives week to week – so a weekly replacement just makes sense.  Start a new week, start a new lens.  It’s that simple!

The Weekly lens material has unique hydration properties that keep it from losing water.  Because of this, your eyes stay hydrated and moist all day long.  The lens also comes in multiple sizes. This enables your doctor to fit you in a lens that is the right size for your cornea.  The combination of right size lens, and the water loving material, is what makes the lens so comfortable. 

Play sports? Ask your doctor about our Daily 14.8 sports lens

Contact lenses offer athletes a competitive advantage because they provide a wider vision field and eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries. They also make it easy to wear protective googles.
Our large 14.8 diameter takes it one step further. The larger size is more stable on the eye and less likely to decenter or fall out during your activities. The larger size also provides full coverage and sits under the lid so you won't feel any interaction when blinking.

Free Trial Lenses

Experience the all day comfort and clarity of Extreme H2O. Download your coupon for free trial lenses here.

Having trouble with insertion & removal?

New to contacts? Struggle with insertion and removal? If so, ask your doctor about our smaller 13.6 lens. It's easier to handle, making insertion and removal much easier. Kids? Small hands prefer small lenses. It's that simple.