What really makes a contact lens comfortable

Any contact lens manufacturer can say they have a comfortable lens.  But the reality is, hydration plays a major role when it comes to contact lens comfort. Let us explain why. 


A common complain of contact lens wearers is that their eyes feel dry.  Although they may think this dryness is due to the contact lens, it’s actually because the quality of their tears are compromised.  People who have compromised tear quality cannot support a contact lens in their eye. The reason is because all contact lenses work like a sponge and rely on your tears to hydrate them and keep them floating on your eye

Most contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to 10% of their water content.  In order for them to remain comfortable, they need to get that water content back – which they must get from your tears. But if you have poor tear quality, you don’t product enough tears to hydrate them and lubricate your eye. This results in dryness.

Our lenses have unique hydration properties that enable them to retain up to 99% of their water content.  This means that even if you have compromised tear quality and experience dry eye, you will still have a comfortable wearing experience with Extreme H2O contact lenses. 

If you experience any type of dryness while wearing contact lenses, you owe it to yourself to ask your doctor for Extreme H2O.  There is no other material that holds onto its water content like our does. 

The benefits of Extreme H2O are as clear as can be

Ordinary disposable soft contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to 10% of their water, which can cause your eyes to feel dry, itchy and tired.  The unique material of Extreme H2O has advanced hydration properties to keep your eyes naturally moist and comfortable all day long.

Loss of water causes lenses to tighten up (shrink) on the eye which can cause red eyes, reduced visual clarity and potential complications.  The water loving material of Extreme H2O provides outstanding optical properties and improved low contrast sensitivity for better night vision and crisp, clear acuity throughout the entire day. 

Ordinary disposable soft contact lenses attract protein deposits, which can cause irritation leading to discomfort, redness and potential complications.  Extreme H2O lenses are made with a non-ionic material that resists protein deposits, keeping your eyes clear, comfortable and healthy.

Many disposable contact lenses don’t hold their shape, making it difficult to insert your lenses properly.  The Extreme H2O material has more resilence and holds its form, making it easier to correctly place on your eye.